Thursday, April 4, 2019

Aren't you supposed to be lame and retired???

So sassy. Much leaping.

Four off the floor.

Clearly practicing for his debut at the SRS

That trot doesn't look very lame, does it?

Good rounding and use of hindquarters

Practicing his reining moves maybe?

I believe the judge calls this "croup high"

Showing off the TB half

That talio tho...

Don't call it a comeback yet, but we've been doing some light riding - and by "light" I mean maybe 5-7 minutes of trot and canter (with LOTS of walk breaks) every other day. He feels really, really good, and really, really sassy. He's out of shape cardio-wise (and so am I jeez), but he feels strong and solid. I'll probably never know what caused the lameness over the winter, but time is, as always, a great healer. I still have no plans for him, other than keeping things light and fun, and we'll see where that takes us. 

So fancy! Also so not lame...