Friday, September 18, 2020

Yellowstone National Park photos

Geez, it's been a while. Feels like years, and maybe it has been. We're all fine here, I hope you are too, and have found ways to work within the craziness that is 2020.

I keep writing blog posts in my head while doing horse chores; it's a great time to solve life's problems. The thing is, I never manage to write them down. Maybe this post means I'll get back to blogging, maybe not. No promises.

In August, after not leaving the house for anything more than groceries since March, we decided to head to Yellowstone National Park. We took our truck camper and everything we needed for the 10 day trip, which meant we only had to stop for gas. In fact, the only time we went inside a building the entire 10 days was to get some t-shirts at Yellowstone and some craft beer that hubby wanted. So as far as socially-distanced holidays go, it worked well. It was also SUPER nice to just get away from our house for a while and do something different.

So without further ado, have some pictures from Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding area.

Our first night in Wyoming, we parked in a friend's driveway near Dubois and had this amazing view.

Jade Lake and wildflowers

Grand Tetons from near Dubois

There were SO MANY geysers and pools in Yellowstone, all of which have names, but I don't remember them.


We were really roughing it in the wilds of Wyoming hahaha.

Looks like it's from another planet, doesn't it?

This one looks bottomless

The different color rings are formed by different bacteria that live in the scalding waters.

The blue/white pools are the hottest, near boiling.

The dissolved silica sometimes builds a little "rim" around the pools

Geophysicist hubby watching geophysics happen

Grand Prismatic Spring 

Another "rough" meal - including fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies - after a long day of hiking 

Also yes we did see some buffalo rather up close and personal (sorry about the bug splats on the windshield, I was not about to get out of the truck to get a better picture)

Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

More Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

The one and only Old Faithful

Sunrise over Lake Yellowstone. The lighting was incredible

Really wish I'd had a better camera

Tiny geyser on the shores of Lake Yellowstone, with grebes paddling by

Grand Tetons

A carefully-timed and -placed picture to make it look like we were the only ones at Grand Tetons (we weren't, but honestly none of the parks were very crowded)

Dillon Reservoir outside Frisco, CO (on our way home)

I hope this blog finds you and yours well. Please know that I still read y'all's blogs and keep up, even if I'm not posting or commenting much.

Also... HI MOM!!! ;)

PS. Maybe next time I'll write something about the horses.