Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alaskan Adventure: Days 7 and 8

We spent today hiking Denali, on three different trails. We saw several fox squirrels, two groundhogs, and some Dall's sheep, along with a demo of the (very cute) sled dogs they use in the park. Elias would have been right at home with his long legs, big feet, and Malamute markings. The short coat might be somewhat of a detriment in the winter, however!

Here's the video from Days 7 and 8 - the drive to Denali and our first day in Denali.

Tomorrow is our last day in Denali, and we're taking a bus in 3 hours and will then do some no-trail hiking. We're hoping to see some wolves and bears - from a safe distance, of course!

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