Friday, June 18, 2010

Alaskan Adventure: Day 9

Yesterday we took the bus about 3.5 hours into the park and did a no-trail hike that involved quite a lot of bushwhacking! Total animal count was 11 bears, 1 sleeping wolf, countless caribou, Dall's sheep and Golden eagles, a bunch of marauding ground squirrels, and any number of Arctic hare. Here's the video:

Day 9 - Denali hiking and biking

Today, we're driving back to Anchorage for our last day, and heading either to the zoo or to the Native Heritage Center (depends on whether it's raining in Anchorage; it's raining here in Cantwell where we stopped for the night). Tomorrow morning our flight leaves from Anchorage at 6 a.m., so this will be my last post from Alaska. It's been a great trip but I think we're all ready to head home!

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