Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mid-week kitteh... is BACK!

I've decided that since I have more than one kitteh, I need to branch out with mid-week kitteh since they all do cute kitteh things. This week's star is Madelaine, otherwise known as Maddy, or Maddy-moo (please, don't ask how I come up with these ridiculous nicknames).

Look at those pretty gold eyes!

It's important to have a good roll in the dirt now and again.

And get a few good rubs in!

Maddy always helps me with morning and evening feed, usually by getting underfoot and begging to be picked up. She's a loud purrer and can be very cuddly when she's in the mood. Unfortunately, she's hard to get pictures of since she's nearly always on the move.

You may notice in these pictures that's she's now nice and plump - a far cry from the skinny little girl I brought home from TLAC. She is really a little love bug and I'm so glad I brought her home!

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  1. I'm a nut about names and I'm always corrupting them into something I never intended them to be so don't worry about it. We animal freaks are used to it. LOL