Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wanted: Dead or... no, just dead

Tonight, Maddy brought me a rat.

Ok, well, I should be a bit more specific, since "brought me a rat" makes it sound like she brought a freshly-killed rodent to me and deposited it at my feet or something civilized like that.

"Herded the completely alive and apparently unscathed rat across the back pasture and in my general direction" would be a much better description of what actually happened.

I was out feeding the boys when I noticed Maddy making her way slowly toward me, preceded by a hopping/running gray shape. I realized what it was and encouraged her to pounce on it and finish it off, but I guess she figured that since she had delivered it to my custody, grooming her right front paw was her current priority.

I tried to toss a bucket over the little bugger, but it zipped past me and under the garden tractor. Maddy, disgusted with my lack of appreciation for her hunting prowess, gave chase and is currently watching the tractor, waiting for the rat to make an appearance.

Hopefully, this time she'll catch it and finish it off before delivering it to me.


  1. Mmm - as annoying as the corpses strewn around our back lawn are, at least Ginny does dispatch her prey before abandoning it.

  2. LOL, now that's a new one on me but I must admit it did tickle me. Guess that's easy for me to say since I'm not the one that was supposed to deal with the rat.

    Hope she finishes it off this time.