Monday, January 17, 2011

Fruit review

Today, kiddo #2 and I went to Central Market (it was really an excuse for him to get some driving practice in, but whatever). Normally we try to eat local, in-season fruits and veggies, but we decided to explore the fruit section to find something we'd never had before. We came home with a couple of things and had them for dessert, and we decided to write up a review of our tastings.

Pepino Melon - Very mild flavor, sort of a cucumber and melon mix. You can eat the peel but we decided we preferred it without. We didn't eat the seeds although there's probably no reason you can't. Wouldn't recommend it, especially for the price ($4.99/lb).

Guava - I thought it tasted like a pine tree. Kiddo #1 thought it had a pine-tomato flavor (she hates tomatoes). Kiddo #2 thought it had a sort of strawberry-pine flavor. Definitely would not recommend it.

Kumquat-hybrid (possibly a Calamondin)- Definitely better with the peel - otherwise, you will turn your tongue inside-out with how sour it is! Kiddo #2 and I liked this one, Kiddo #1 not so much. Tastes mostly orange-like, and eating the peel was a novel thing, but would definitely eat these again.

Meyer Lemon - Not the same flavor as a regular lemon, but far too sour for everyone but Kiddo #2. I would recommend using these for lemonade, unless you just want to peel the enamel off your teeth!

Blood Oranges - This was a cheat since I've had these before. If you consider the way it looks (Kiddo #1 said it looked like a piece of meat) to be a novel experience rather than something gross, they're very tasty. Different from a regular orange though - sweeter and not as citrus-y. We would all love to eat these again.

Cara Cara Pink Navel - These are delicious! They are sort of pink like grapefruit, which put the kids off for a bit, but the taste was terrific. Milder than the blood orange, we think it tastes like an orange/strawberry/raspberry combination. A dozen of these would probably not last a day at our house!

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  1. I've never even heard of any of these except the guava. LOL