Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Did I mention the front porch?

The same contractor who's building our barn also gave us a very reasonable estimate for building out a small front porch. We took down the hideous aluminum awning last year and have needed something to dress up the front of the house, so a nice entry porch seemed like the answer.

Posts are up and basic frame is done. They had to cut into the roof to tie it in, which actually worked out really well since the roof decking was rotting out in that area. Someone had drilled an eyebolt through the shingles at some point, so of course eventually water took its toll and caused rot.

Today they got the roof decking on (a lovely tongue-and-groove to match the rest of the house) and most of the flooring as well.

Tongue-and-groove decking. LOVE EEET!

It really makes a HUGE difference on how the front of the house looks. I cannot wait to have the whole thing done and some landscaping added - it's really going to look SOOO different!


  1. Now if only you had adoor knocker for that front door of yours.... :P

  2. The door knocker deserves a post all its own... just you wait! ;)

  3. I thought you were going to us columns in the Corinthian style? Or was that for the horsebarn?

  4. Quin, we did a couple of sketches of different types of columns and the Corinthian style just didn't fit the house. We have plans to dress these up a bit though.

  5. This looks like my house and exactly what I want to do! Care to share your plans??? :o)