Thursday, January 21, 2016

60 seconds of awesome (aka Paddy trotted!)

Yesterday, my vet cleared Paddy to trot under saddle. We've been a bit conservative with his rehab because he's been struggling with a proper landing on his RF (remnants from that damn thrush), but he finally seems to be making progress.

So yesterday, after a long walk warmup, we trotted. He felt great, although somewhat put out that I actually expected him to do something OTHER than walking.

Because you can never have enough Haffie ears.

Vacation's over, buddy!


  1. trotting haffies are best haffies :D

  2. Awesome to hear! Hope the rest of the recovery goes smoothly

  3. That's great that he is feeling better!

  4. Have you ever heard of white lightning? It's something I've used to clear up thrush before, and you may want to look into it for any future troubles. Yay haffie trots!

    1. I've used CleanTrax before, and I think it's mostly the same stuff. It might be time to give it a go.