Friday, May 19, 2017

Double (Haffie) Trouble

Yes, there really are two Haffies at Wyvern Oaks now...

Herro World!

Since Brego's death last year, we have tentatively been looking for a new horse for hubby. Paddy has been awesome for him, but that pesky injury in his RF tends to become aggravated at the most inopportune times. Essentially it's soft tissue in his heel (likely DDFT but we'd need to MRI to confirm), and despite two separate 6+ month rehabs, he tends to aggravate it if he gets to playing too hard. So a backup pony seemed like a good idea.

He might even have better hair than Paddy (photo courtesy of MC)

Or at least more of it (photo courtesy of MC)

Enter Haffie the Second (his registered name doesn't seem to fit him, and we haven't figured out what to call him, so he's temporarily been dubbed H2). He was shipped in from Oregon last weekend, because we are insane and bought him based on a video and a vet check.

Communing with hubby

He just turned 8, is 15.1, and has a good deal of dressage training although no formal show record.

Reddums provides the best welcoming committee ever. All H2 has to do is everything Reddums says, and everything is just fine.

Unfortunately the rest of the herd was not as thrilled. Taran played Herd Stallion to keep H2 away from his beloved Paddington.

Yep, that's my mostly unflappable 2nd level dressage horse doing airs above the ground. WTF.

They later reconciled their differences

H2 has not has as many life experiences as our guys. See that tiny dot in the neighbor's pasture, next to the post on the far left? That's a mini donkey. This is H2 keeping Reddums between him and the extremely dangerous #tinyhorseeatingmonster

But eventually he decided they are OK

First order of business: #shedeverything

He's already been on a couple of trail rides (cacti are scary), hauled out to my trainer's (standing patiently in a trailer in not a strong suit, and also he can untie lead ropes), and been worked in hand (no, you can't run over me, and yes I will win this fight so you might as well conserve your energy). And we've gotten a couple of rides in which have been absolutely delightful.

That canter tho

Whether he'll make a jousting horse is anybody's guess, but we're just going to work on miles, desensitization, and dressage for now. He's SUPER fun to ride (I could canter him for days, he's so balanced and light) and knows some stuff, but there are plenty of holes that need to be worked on. Should be lots of fun though, as he's got great basics and I think will pick things up easily.

Plus, Paddy can spend more time eating now.

Two haffies make a whole?


  1. Omg omg. This is awesome - welcome H2!!!! What a sweet face! Hope he settles in well! Also I hadn't realized Red came home again too, must be nice to have him!

  2. Awww what a cutie! Can't wait to hear about your future adventures with H2!

  3. My brain is full of exclamation marks over the cuteness. Hopefully a name will come to you soon - so much cuteness in one field!!

  4. CUTE OVERLOAD!!! OMG you are living the dream with two magical blonde ponies!!

  5. "Two haffies make a whole" YESSSS

  6. Two haffies may make a whole, but two x haffie = cute¹⁰⁰!
    Congrats :D

  7. Awww yay! Congrats. Also, impressive stallion moves, Taran.

  8. That last picture is the most glorious sight EVER. Haffies for days!!

  9. so cool and WOW that canter! That's so amazing :) I can't wait to read more about him :)

  10. Super fun! And from my neck of the woods. Cool!

  11. Ohhh this will make the Haffie math even more fun.

  12. In this case, the cuteness quotient makes two haffies waaay more than a whole!!! <3

  13. Oh my!!! SO CUTE!!! I love your haffies making a whole! <3 <3

  14. Oh he is so cute! Congratulations! I am dealing with on again off again lameness in the RF, that my vet thinks is soft tissue but needs a MRI to confirm. We are holding off since he is only 3 and we are fine with letting him just grow up more. I am hoping it is something that will heal over time :( What is DDFT?


  16. He's beautiful! What are his bloodlines? He looks like an Aristocrat or Nobleman baby.