Thursday, July 12, 2018

Hacking in Hyde Park

Last week, hubby and I took a little trip to play tourist in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Stockholm, Sweden. On the flight home, we had an overnight layover in London. I've always wanted to go for a hack in Hyde Park, and we managed to squeeze one in early Sunday morning before our flight.

I was a leeetle worried because if you remember, my last hack while on holiday ended up with a nice swim in the Atlantic ocean. I flat-out told the organizer that, and was assured that nothing so exciting would happen. Honestly, I would have been super happy to walk around and take pictures.

We showed up at at the stables at 7:15 am, and almost missed them as we were walking by. They are literally 3 flats that have been converted to a stables, with standing stalls for about 15 horses.

The barn, on a quiet city street with apartments all around. I have no idea how they manage to keep all the hay, bedding, feed, tack, etc. in such a small space, but they do it.

A glimpse inside of the standing stalls, bedded with straw. The horses were all in *excellent* condition, and every other month go off for a holiday at their country location .

I got Clifton. Clifton was awesome and profession selfie-taker.

Hubby's horse was similarly awesome. He would make a great jousting pony!

Ready to go!

Our guide (horse on left) was lovely and took us out on the exceptionally-groomed horse paths.

Horseback selfie.

Happy Hubby!

This is the track where they used to take the carriages on in the 1800s. We had a lovely quiet canter on this track.

Isn't Clifton adorable? I wanted to steal him.

Hubby doing one last canter.

If you're a horse person and happen to be in London, I would HIGHLY recommend a hack in Hyde Park. It's beautiful, it's historic, and the horses are lovely. It's a nice horsey break in an otherwise big, bustling city!


  1. Sounds like a much better experience than the dunking! 😁

  2. Looks like a calm, beautiful horse adventure! I went back to read your earlier post - what a nightmare. I learned while working at the local trail barn, that it's generally best to downplay your riding experience lol.

  3. How cool! I should try to include more horsey adventures when I'm on vacation.

  4. Oooh that is so cool!! What a great place to ride!

  5. Absolutely positively on my bucket list! As a rider growing up in NJ, I begged and pleaded to be allowed to ride in Central Park but was never able to. Hyde Park would do VERY nicely instead!