Thursday, July 1, 2010

What show are YOU watching tonight?

Editor's note: Yes, I've been remiss in my blogging since returning from vacation. For those of you faithful readers (who knew that I actually had one!), I'll try to be more consistent with my writing.

This week, we've started working on the second bathroom again. So far, we've cut all the tile for the floor (although we will wait to actually lay it in until the walls are done), and I've started taping and floating tonight.

Tile in progress. No, the walls won't be that color green, that's just the color of mold-resistant drywall we used in the bathroom.

Recently, we got a shipment of books about remodeling homes from Taunton press. These books were a very kind gift from the hubby's uncle (I think that makes him my uncle-in-law), since he is an editor at one of the Taunton-owned magazines. Included in the shipment was a video on how to hang drywall. Apparently he heard about my membership to the Drywall Haters of America club and is trying to get me to revoke my membership. :)

Under the window in the bathroom. I'm sure the joint compound looks great from far away, but trust me, up close this looks anything but professional. Hence my membership in the Drywall Hater's club! :)

So here I sit on a perfectly good Thursday evening watching a show on how to hang drywall. Everyone else in the world is probably watching America's Got Talent or Iron Chef, but I'm watching drywall. I guess it's better than watching drywall mud dry...

First off, it is not fair that they can buy drywall in sheet sizes other than 4x8. Do you realize how much less taping and floating I'd have to do if we had bigger sheets??? Also, the drill those guys are using is soooooo much faster than our cordless models - it's actually a screw gun with a magnetic screw tip. The hubby, who is watching this too, says we are buying one of these when we do the addition and have to hang all the drywall for that. Now they are showing a drywall router that took them like 3 seconds to cut out an electrical outlet from the drywall. OMG it takes me probably 15-30 minutes to cut out a single wall outlet with a drywall saw. Add the router power tool to the WANT list. We also need a drywall rasp to shave the edges in case we don't get a cut quite right, which happens more often that I'd like to admit.

I would like to point out that these guys make hanging drywall look so easy and so fast that I think they are cheating. Where was this video when we started this house project 8 months ago???

And now I have just learned how to float interior corners without anguish. It involves PAPER tape instead of the adhesive fiberglass tape I've been using. The guys is also using a 14 inch beveled trowel instead of a 12 inch flat trowel and is making this look way, way too easy. It's not fair, I tell you, not fair at all!

Frankly I am not sure whether I should a) hate the guys on this video because they're so good, or b) invite them over to the house for some drywall assistance. I'm leaning toward option b.

Wall where the vanity will go. Looking at this, I definitely think option b is my best bet!

Tomorrow night I'll finish up the rest of the first coat on the bathroom and probably do some sanding. We're hoping to get the walls floated, textured, and painted by the end of the weekend so that we can lay in the flooring... and then, we can put in the vanity and the toilet and have a second functional bathroom! (Minus the shower, but who cares about the minor details like that?)

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