Saturday, December 3, 2011

All dressed up and nowhere to go

On Monday of this week, I thought I would be going to a small schooling show tomorrow. In preparation, I finished Saga's blanket clip and Fuzzypony shortened his mane.

See? Doesn't he look spiffy? Well, except for the iffy clipping job. Apparently I'm not good with straight lines.

Of course, Wednesday I decided that the weather forecast for this weekend looked too dismal, and wussed out. Now, I'm actually pretty glad I did - here's the forecast for tomorrow:

Looks wet. And cold!
I'll still take the boys out for some exercise, but tomorrow's forecast looks like a good excuse to get some more holiday shopping and crafts done. I hope everyone else is staying warm and dry!


  1. He looks really handsome even if he doesn't have anywhere to go. I think that's a pretty darn good clip job!! I still haven't had Lilly's done... wonder when it's too late to clip?

  2. That sucks about the weather. We're not having so great a time with it here either. Which is kind of weird.

    Saga definitely did look spiffy though!

  3. Eesh, I'd rather have cold than wet. We are dealing with wet/cold here too. Saga looks good nonetheless!

  4. I've just posted our weather map for you - might make you feel better ;-)