Thursday, December 1, 2011

I confess, I wimped out

Remember that fun show that I was inspired to do as sort of a last hurrah before the end of the year? Well, entries were due last night, and I totally wimped out didn't sent mine in.

BUT, I have good reasons! ('Cause you can justify anything if you try hard enough, right?)
  1. The last time I rode Saga was the Monday before Thanksgiving. Due to the rains we've had since then (yay rain!!!), it's been too wet to do anything other than go for walks on the road. I had planned to get a good ride in tomorrow and Saturday, but it's supposed to start raining at 3 am tonight and not stop till sometime Sunday or Monday. Really not the sort of prep you want before a dressage show with a little jumping.
  2. Due to #1, the likelihood of bucking/kicking on canter departs is high. I'm OK with that, except I'd rather not do it in public. Call me crazy or something.
  3. And the real reason... the forecast for Sunday is a high of 50 and raining. Apparently, in my old age I have become a total weenie when it comes to riding in the cold rain (Nic and anyone else who lives where 50 is not cold, you can stop laughing now. Please?). I mean, I dress in ski pants and a parka to go feed and muck when it's anything below 40 - let's face it, I was not cut out for cold weather! 
So now my plan for Sunday involves a fire, a second (third? fourth?) cup of chai, and a couple of cats draped on the couch. I'll think about all those poor cold wet souls at the horse show and revel in my fleece-lined slippers.

Watch, the weather forecast will be a BIG LIE and it will be 60 and sunny. Just 'cause.


  1. There's always the spring shows. I was thinking about taking Greta to one or two. We can go together for emotional support haha!

  2. Sounds like a plan. Now will Saga get to lie by the fire with a cup of chai, too?

  3. Awwww... :( Well, I can understand the weather dilemma. I only went to that last show because it was sunny and 60. Anything less and I would have wimped out too. Do you plan on going some next year?

  4. sounds wonderful! wish I could join you.

  5. Oh, flower, not nasty wet cold rain...?! I'll top that with hailstorms every day since Sunday, top temp of 41 F during the day and last time I looked in the barn this evening it was already 32F - deep joy. However, we have at least escaped the feet of snow we had last year in the first week of December... I'm still keeping my REALLY warm waterproofs for when it gets worse than grey and damp...