Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Show pics - better late than never!

MC, Fuzzypony and I finally managed to trade pics from the LOPE benefit show. I'm still waiting on the professional pics from the show, and am hoping that maybe there's one or two of the jumping. But, they took some lovely shots of Saga and Oberon, so here goes!

 Saga looking pretty fly (for a bay guy).

 Mr. I-won't-bend-at-the-poll Oberon (me tipping forward probably does not help. What am I DOING?).

And for your viewing entertainment, we have Intro C on Oberon. Notice the lovely walk-canter transition at 3:08 (which I don't actually recall being in the test...)

 MC riding Cash, AKA Black Tie Affair, AKA The Fabulous M'sieur Schpot. (Yes, he is being ridden bitless. The show allows sidepulls - how awesome is THAT!?!?)

 Me and Saga with Lynn Reardon, the driving force behind LOPE.

This one's my fav. :)


  1. Saga looks amazing in those photos!

    I liked watching the video of Oberon. I like his frame very much and I loved his energy. Major kudos to you.

    1. Val, thanks! Oberon's energy in that test was much better than in the first one, where he pretty much looked like a couch on legs. His frame looks OK until you realize that he's locked up in the poll and nothing I have tried will get him to relax and release and carry his own big head. He's such a different ride than what I'm used to!

  2. Loved the show pics, and the video! Really nice free walk IMO. And the walk-canter? So willing! Too bad it's not in the test, he's ready, lol.
    The neck ribbon is gorgeous!!!

    1. Terry, thanks, he does have a nice free walk although the judge didn't score it too well. As for the walk-canter, clearly I need to find a test that includes that! Second level? Third level? Maybe someday!

  3. Mr. I-won't-bend-at-the-poll Oberon (ha ha) looks like a very happy horse. He did look peppy and had a springy step. And I personally thought the walk-canter step was cute. Does cute rack up any points? And poor Saga.. he really is a handsome fellow - I hope his hoof takes to the treatment and a year of rest works a miracle for you.