Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why it's a good thing I have Adopted Horse Parents

This weekend, my Mom and Dad went to see Echo, since they only live about 30 minutes from Adopted Horse Parent's farm. This was actually nothing short of a miracle - my parents are die-hard sailors, and were convinced I was switched at birth with some horse-loving family's child. Don't get me wrong, they supported my riding habit, but could never understand why I'd want to get up at 5 a.m. to go to a horse show. Of course, THEY were getting up at 5 a.m. to go race their sailboat, but whatever.

Anyway, Sunday afternoon, I got a text from Mom that read:  "On way to visit Echo.... can he have some carrots?"

To which I responded: "I think he eats carrots now but you'd have to ask Adopted Horse Dad. Of course he can have lots! Love you! And send pics with you and Echo!"

Moments later, I got a text picture. I embiggened it, expecting to see a cute picture of my father feeding Echo carrots.

Instead, I got a picture of Adopted Horse Dad EATING ECHO'S CARROTS.


I quickly texted Mom back: "That's ADOPTED HORSE DAD eating a carrot! You were supposed to feed the carrots to ECHO!!! Where's the pic of ECHO eating a carrot?!?"

I have since been reassured (although I have not yet seen photographic evidence) that Echo did indeed get a few carrots, and that my parents did in fact feed them to Echo instead of to Adopted Horse Dad.

I told y'all there was a good reason I needed some adopted horsey parents!


  1. Funny! My parents were the same way, supportive but thought/still think I'm crazy.

  2. Teeheehee. Good of your non-horsey parents to visit the newest grandhorse.

  3. Bahahah! Golden.
    I have one sailor parent. I can't understand his passion for those rolling sea-sickness-inducing boats. Bluergh.

    1. LL, I used to do a lot of sailing as a kid - never got seasick except on a power boat! Then I found horses and my parents never saw me again.

  4. That is too funny!
    We've often joked at my house that I was switched at birth because of my horse addiction. No one in my family has ever been very horsey...also, no one in my family has freckles...ALSO I was awful at math (my father is an accountant) and i HATED Phys Ed. and wasn't athletic at all (my mom taught Phys Ed)....maybe I WAS switched at birth...

    1. KK, that does seem awfully suspicious... ;)

  5. I have adopted horsey parents too!