Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Remember last year when Lauren and I invited everyone to a bloggers weekend in Austin?  Well, that's officially happening!  There's even a date...

Friday, February 27th - Sunday, March 1st in Austin, Texas
Now, we're basically two months out so it's time to really confirm details.  We want to create Facebook group or e-mail list of people who are seriously interested in coming whether you are local and would love to meet up for a day or want to fly in and stay with either Lauren or myself.

Before we go any further with the proposed itinerary or reasons you should come hang out with us, please fill out this survey if you are interested in coming.  It's extremely important that we collect all the details so we can pull off this event!

Okay, on to some potential plannings and happenings!  I also want to note that though Lauren and I have primarily worked together on this proposed schedule, there are also other cool Austin bloggers who are certainly included in any fun/hosting they want to (we just didn't want to commit ya'll to stuff against your will... muhahaha).
Come to Austin, we have long horns
Come to Austin, we have long horns
  • Arrive in Austin per your schedule.
  • Any early arrivers can enjoy south Austin activities... 
  • Lauren can shuttle people from the airport during business hours.
  • I can shuttle people from airport in early evening
  • Dinner provided at Lauren's house (Mauldin Bungalow) for everyone.  Post dinner shenanigans to be determined.
  • Group splits up into accommodations
I will take you to this magical candy shop
Lauren will take you to this magical candy shop. I'll take you to the tack shop.
  • Breakfast provided at the Mauldin Bungalow
  • Venture up north to see the amazing Simon pants
  • Tack shopping at Dover Saddlery and/or The Tack Shop of Austin
  • Out to lunch
  • Journey back down south to the world's cutest Haflinger & versatile (also cute) Draft Horse
  • Possible afternoon activity like wine tasting, depending on time
  • Dinner provided at Wyvern Oaks
  • For night owls, go visit some Austin nightlife downtown

  • Breakfast provided at Wyvern Oaks
  • Traveling to/from airport for folks
Of course, this schedule is pretty tentative since we're two months out and subject to change/be added to depending on how many people we actually have coming.
You're responsible for buying your own old fashioned sodas
You're responsible for buying your own old fashioned sodas
What kind of expenses will I have for this weekend?
Since we know that traveling is not super cheap, we're trying to keep the expenses as low as possible for folks.  Here's what you can expect:
  • Cost of getting to and from Austin
  • Money for Lunch on Saturday
  • Money for any drinking/shopping/misc
  • Cost of getting to and from airport if your arrival/departure time is outside of when Lauren or Jen can pick you up (roughly $40 each way)
Am I really invited?
You really are!  We really hope you come and enjoy and have fun meeting other bloggers :)  Please don't forget to take the survey so we can make this idea a reality.


  1. Sadly can't come but take loads of pics!

  2. I'm in! I have needed to visit a friend in Houston for a long time anyway, so I will spend a few days with her and then head your way via bus!

    1. Woohoo! I can't wait to meet my long-lost twin!

  3. I'm still up in the air until school and my job start later this month but hopefully it works out!

  4. this is so super cool of you guys! i filled out the survey - but ultimately it'll depend on if fare prices drop at all in the next week or so (or if you need to know sooner...).

  5. I'll already be in Austin in April sometime, so I can't swing two $400+ trips. Have fun!

    1. Bummer, but hopefully we can catch up then!

  6. I truly wish I could join you guys for what sounds like a truly epic meet up. I mean awesome blog - peeps and the amazing Simon-pants, P-bear & Brego...I mean does it get any better than that.
    Sadly adulthood hit just before Christmas with he early acquisition of my apt keys, so any hopes i had of squirreling away pocket change for flight fare(s) have vanished into furnishings.

    I HOPE EVER ONE HAS A BALL & there needs to be a log hop after the fact so those of us that cannot go get to live vicariously through those that do *halo*

    1. Boo for adulthood, but hopefully we'll be able to meet up sometime soon!

  7. Ugh - I so want to come. Survived being a Houston resident while attending Rice only because I escaped to Austin as often as possible. Alas - 2015 is Year of the Budget for me, if I ever want to move out of the Shimmy Shack. :D

  8. Sigh. Would love to come, but I swore after I finally got to move away after my two yrs in hell between undergrad & grad school (although the jobs were cool), I was NEVER crossing that state line again. Not even for Austin. Unless I had a free ticket & didn't have to leave Austin/New Braunfels/Gruene the whole time, LOL. That's all it takes! ;P

    1. Alas... we'll have a breakfast taco in your honor!

    2. Oh, I do miss breakfast tacos!! I consider it a fair trade for Bojangles though. And we do have some mighty fine bfast burritos if you know the right gas stations!!

  9. What a great idea! Have a great time!

    1. Wiola, thanks! Maybe one year you can come!