Friday, December 11, 2009

Does anybody actually work for MONEY anymore?

So we got a bid for the electrical work on the house earlier this week. It was, as expected, enough money that the husband and I could buy two plane tickets to Europe and spend a week - two weeks, if we're frugal. Needless to say, we're wanting to get some other estimates.

I've called some friends who have done remodeling projects and asked for recommendations for electricians, and I've got a few. I also perused the Craigslist ads for electricians, in case I could find someone who sounded likely. We've had good luck with Craigslist in the past, so figured it was at least worth a look.

Or NOT. Take a look at these ads for electricians in the Austin area:
  • Electrical work in exchange for dental work. State licensed electrician for over 20 yrs. No job too big or small. Also interested in Motorcycles, dirtbikes or Harleys
  • Licensed Electrician willing to barter for guns, jewelry, electronics or dirts bikes, four wheelers.
  • Will trade electrical work for car, truck, or laptop or just about anything
  • Will trade services for good work truck. Late model Chevy, ford, or dodge. Please, nothing older than 1999.
  • I'm a licensed electrician with 20 years of experience looking to trade services for ???? Things I could use: work truck, electrical tools, nice furniture, laptop, truck boxes. Will consider most offers of value.
I could go on... and on and on and on! The kicker is, all of these ads include a licensed electrician's number, and a lot of them are Master electricians! Since I don't want to trade my truck, laptop, car, tools, or any of my furniture, and I don't have guns, dirt bikes, or four wheelers to trade (oh, and I'm not a dentist either), am I SOL if I want electrical work done? Isn't anyone interested in cold hard cash?


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