Monday, September 13, 2010

And the most ingeneous chicken award goes to...

For about the past week, we've been trying to figure out where the chickens are laying their eggs.

Apparently the nesting boxes we built in the chicken coop aren't good enough, so most of the hens normally lay in their eggs in one of the planters under the carport. However, we've been doing construction here in the last week or so, and they haven't been laying here.

We have hunted ALL OVER for a nesting spot. We've looked under shrubs, in the woodpile, and in our recycling bin, with no luck. We even left the chickens in their coop for two days to encourage them to lay in the nesting boxes. We got a few eggs, but still not the usual number.

Our single Americauna, who lays green eggs, has been especially puzzling. Normally she lays an egg every day for three or four days in a row, has a day off, and then lays again for another couple of days. But we haven't seen a green egg in a week!

Today, we used the horse trailer to move some things from the old house, and when we got back, the Americauna immediately flew to the top of the trailer. As we were unloading things, my hubby heard a "cluckcluckCLUCK" noise coming from in the trailer, and looked around to find the chicken making it. And this is what he found:

Um, a chicken in the horse's hay net? How odd...

She looks sort of like a bodiless chicken here - a victim of fowl play, perhaps?

And then we realized why she was in the haynet... she's decided to lay her eggs in there! I guess some chickens aren't quite as dumb as we thought.

We actually left the trailer open and the haynet available for her. At least now we know where she's putting them!

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