Friday, September 24, 2010

More tile

In this episode of The Tile Saga, we finish laying the tile!

When last I left you, we only had the sides of the edges and one small section of the wall to do.

After breaking two tiles and burning a third, the hubby and the brother-in-law use the tried-and-true 'water cooled' method for cutting a hole in the tile for the shower head. (Why yes, in fact they are using a heavy-duty Dewalt drill with a carbide bit, while holding the tile under a steady stream of cold water in the kitchen sink. Sometimes ya gotta get creative to get the job done.)

But all that work paid of... they got the tile installed! Now you can see why we needed to cut the hole.

Next, the side walls. Measuring to cut the tile.

Sticking the last few tiles on.

Finished left side.

Finished right side.

Hubby photobombs my picture of the finished shower. But yaaaay! It's DONE!!! (Well, OK, except for the grout. But that's later.)

(Not familiar with Photobombs? Visit the Photobomb web site. Warning: may be NSFW.)

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  1. Just looked through your tile stories, and my hat's off to you! Amazing design choices and great work laying it. Tile isn't as easy as it looks! Good luck grouting and sealing.