Friday, September 17, 2010

Things I have been meaning to do...

This week/weekend, I've finally gotten around to doing some things I've been meaning to do pretty much forever.

First off, after four years of being married, we finally scanned the pictures in our wedding photo album! In sort of the epic tragedy of wedding photos, our photographer seems to have fallen off the earth, so we only ever got our proofs. Fortunately, we do have those, and they are now happily digitized.

See, look! We did actually get married, and here's photographic proof!

And, after eight years of discussing digitizing our combined 300+ CDs, we have finally gone and done it. Well, OK, mostly... I still have about 30 CDs to go at the time of writing this. I even have a shiny new iPod so that we can hook it up to our stereo and actually listen to our music. For some reason, despite our large CD collection, we never get around to putting a CD in the CD player and playing it! Hopefully the iPod will solve this problem and make our music more accessible.

Ripping our CDs has been kinda entertaining. The hubby seems to have an inordinate amount of Iron Maiden, and he made fun of my fantastic collection of sound tracks from movies like Flashdance (I mean, who grew up in the 80s and DOESN'T have that???). I got reacquainted with my favorites, which included popular items such as 99 Red Ballons by Nena, Dangerous by Roxette, and Love Shack by the B52s. Oh, and of course my extensive U2 collection.

And now that these mostly useless projects have been completed, it's back to tiling the bathroom.

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