Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm going to start drinking the horse's aloe vera juice myself

I swear, my horse is giving me ulcers.

Last night when I came home from work, he was almost non-weight-bearing on the RF.


I called my vet in tears. She suggested a hot nail from his new $hoe$, and asked me to bring him in. I decided to skip the ER fee and the overnight fee and opted to bring him in this morning. Last night, I set up the temporary stall, wrapped his front legs for support, and gave him 2 grams of bute.

This morning, he came out of his stall looking really quite good - no sign of lameness on the RF. I mean, it's good that he's better, but AAAARGH!

I briefly debated about skipping the vet entirely but decided that since he'd been really REALLY lame on the RF last night, it would be better to have her look at him. So I hauled him in and dropped him off. She'll see him mid-morning... and maybe she'll have some good news.

Anyone care to join me for a cool, tall glass of aloe juice?


  1. Or we could start the morning off with mimosas....

  2. Liz, good idea, but mimosas are so... celebratory. Maybe some scotch?

  3. That is so frustrating. I can totally relate, having gone through a similar sort of thing with Sunny this spring. All I can say is that Sunny did get better (after getting better than worse for awhile) and is sound today. Hang in there. I'll drink a margarita with you--but I might have to wait until the cocktail hour. Wait a minute--the sun's over the yardarm my husband likes to say.

  4. Oh sad boy! glad he seems to be feeling better :( fingers crossed and I am always on the scotch wagon!

  5. Laura, thanks for reminding me that it WILL get better. Sometimes it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when there are so many ups and downs! And, I make a MEAN margarita. Maybe we can do margaritas first, followed by scotch with Gingham? As for waiting for the cocktail hour, you should try foxhunting... we're lucky if we wait till 8 a.m. to pull out the flasks!

  6. Definitely skip the aloe juice and straight onto the white wine :-) Poor Saga - he has everything going on, doesn't he :-( Let us know how he is as soon as you can...

    (Must admit he has me intrigued - bloomin' heck, I wish you lived nearer me!)

  7. What in the world is going on with Saga? I'm starting to think he's doing this on purpose because he likes the attention or something. It's so bizarre that one day he won't put weight on his leg and the next day he's fine... wonder if it had anything to do with the wraps?

    I'll get the Riesling.

  8. Hi :) I'm a new reader. Fantastic blog, but I'm sorry to hear of Saga's problem. I wonder what it is? Although no doubt horrible in every way, it sure is intriguing.
    Did he have x-rays? Did he come up clean? It definitely doesn't sound like the run-of-the-mill sole thinning (been there, done that!). And the event lines deepens the mystery...

    Oops. I'll stop my rambling musings and leave. Great blog!