Monday, December 19, 2011

Puppy monsters!!!

Because Anie is a rescued Pyrenees, I keep in touch with the Central Texas Pyrenees rescue group. I cannot foster a dog ('cause we need another animal like we need a hole in our heads), but I help out with transportation to foster homes and adopters when I can.

This weekend, we visited my parents for an early Christmas. Our drive took us through Houston, where a family had been approved to adopt two Pyr mix puppies. Since the puppies were close to our house and Houston was on our way, we chauffeured the puppies to their new homes. Of course, pictures were in order, 'cause they were absolutely ADORABLE!!!

 Little boy. So CUTE!

 Little girl. She was the adventurous one!

 Checking out the world!

How can you possibly resist these cute little faces!?!? (Kindly ignore the fact they'll likely grow up to be around 100 lbs.)

If you live in Central Texas and would like to adopt one of their siblings, please check out the Adoptable Dogs page. They are currently 6 weeks old, little monsters super cute, and come with all their shots. They also show great promise as Livestock Guardian Dogs, but should make good housepets too if that's what you're looking for

Anie says, "No, we are not keeping these. It's trying to nurse!!!"


  1. There is nothing more precious then little (big) puppies...

  2. They are adorable!!!! I'm sure they'll still be adorable when they're around 100lbs too!