Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saga is a certified jousting pony :)

We had another jousting practice this afternoon. As we drove through the pouring rain to our friend's arena where we practice, we wondered aloud how insane we were to be doing this. Fortunately, it was quite dry at our friends', and we had a fantastic practice.

There may or may not have been some last-minute armor repair on the drive up to practice.

Bre, from over at G is for Greta, came out for this practice. It was great to see her, and she was a huge help on the ground. She also took quite a lot of pics and video, so I expect that we'll see some of what she shot over at her blog later in the week.
Photo evidence that Bre was there taking pics!

Today was the first day the hubby put on almost all his armor. He opted to go without his chain mail shirt for weight reasons, and because we didn't think we'd be breaking any balsa lance tips. Saga was eyeing him as the armor was clanking madly, so we did an impromptu despooking session on the ground.

After the hubby climbed aboard, here's what happened:

But it's late, and I've got more vids to process... so, more tomorrow!


  1. hahaha no intelligence points for Saga ;)
    Man, I really wish one of us got the "this lance needs viagara moment" and the piaffe-ing!

    1. Dressager, I know! Although it's probably a good thing that nobody caught the comment about Viagra on film. Haha!

  2. I am just SO jealous of your jousting adventures!!!

  3. This is crazy cool! I can't believe how well he took all this in. Also, has he ever been ridden one handed like that? Lots of change. I swear he started looking tough and proud as he accepted his new job :)

    1. Kristen, Saga has actually been one of the harder horses to train for jousting. The sounds bother him more than most. Red was significantly easier, although when we started him we used a lot less armor, and have built up over the years.

      Saga does get ridden one-handed pretty regularly on trail rides. I've been working with him on neck-reining, which is pretty much a prerequisite for jousting.