Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jousting practice cancelled due to SNOW!!!!

Yep, that's right, it snowed in parts of central Texas today. In the middle of the day, no less! It was fine at our house when we left, but shortly after we pulled into our friend's house (about 20 miles to the northwest), it started sleeting heavily. I was concerned about the condition of the roads, especially pulling a trailer, so less than 20 minutes after we arrived, we turned around and came back home. Just as we left their house, big, fat, white flakes of snow started coming down.

Hubby took this picture out of the window of the truck. Those blurry white blobs in the middle of the picture are snow. REALLY!

Both Bre and Fuzzypony chose today to accompany us, so since the weather was decent when we got home, we tacked the boys up and went for a ride. I think we put in 5 miles walking up and down the road, hubby in his armor. He took along a jousting lance and practice raising and lowering it to strengthen his arm, and also discovered some interesting details about where he needs to couch it (i.e. hold it under his arm) for maximum control. It was good practice, even if we weren't actually able to joust today. 

I'm pretty sure Bre thinks we're crazy now (as if there was any doubt?), so I am interested to see what she will do with the pics and video she took today. Keep an eye on her blog to see!


  1. ROFL I love snow pics. They never really look like much. I totally believe you that it was really snowing hard enough to go home - I have hundreds of iPhone photos of fuzzy white blobs in my back yard.

  2. You're becoming my weather twin :-) From Exmoor to Texas with love! ROFL!

    1. Haha, Nic. The difference is that today it will be back up to 65 (supposedly), and 76 tomorrow. Crazy!

  3. That is mad - mind you, it felt like Spring here today - yay - almost double digits above freezing - yay!

  4. I wonder what the neighbors think when they see hubby walking down the road on horseback in armor? LOL