Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Bromance: Cash and Saga

For as long as I've owned him, Cash has always, ALWAYS been the lowest horse in the herd, in any group situation he's been in. As a result, he's been pretty much of a loaner. He's occasionally adopted a mare, but the limit of the "relationship" is that the mare allows Cash to graze about 20 feet away from her - no closer, thank you very much. He then pretends to "protect" his mare by pinning his ears and running at any horse that comes close. This would all be very intimidating if he didn't constantly keep the mare between himself and the other horse, effectively hiding behind her.

Yeah. The other horses aren't convinced of his bossiness either. Poor, poor guy.

When we brought Cash home, he had to integrate himself into the herd of Red and Saga. Red took an instant dislike to him, but Saga's more of a peacemaker and was happy to hang out with whomever. I'd see them munching on hay together, and grazing near each other. Saga would even share his food dish with Cash, although he would occasionally pin his ears over a particularly tasty bite.

First meet-and-greet. Off to a promising start!

Best buds in matchink Rambo blankets last winter.

They have sort of an odd relationship. Saga's boss over the food, but most of the time he lets Cash eat with him. Cash decides where they go and when, and Saga always follows him (in fact, Saga is pretty lost if nobody is there to tell him where to go and what to do). They don't groom each other or play with each other, but they seem to be most at peace when they are in close proximity to each other. In fact, Cash gets pretty antsy if Saga leaves for a ride, and can often be found waiting for him at the gate when we return. 

Joined at the hip shoulder.

Sharing a haynet tonight.

I'm really glad that they are so content in each other's company. Everybody deserves to have a BFF, don't you think? 


  1. Bromance indeed. They are so cute together!

  2. Best bromance since House and Wilson. I love seeing horse friends together.