Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I think my friends are trying to tell me something

Several friends of mine recently conspired to give me this t-shirt:

What exactly are they trying to say, do you think?

I mean, I only have TWO horses, Cash and Saga.

I'm pretty sure a lot of my readers ALSO have two horses. Right? So really, two is not that many.
The other two, Red and Oberon, belong to my husband. Really, I'll show you the bills of sale.

 Cute, but not mine.

Also cute, but not mine. The horse, I mean. The husband is MOST DEFINITELY mine.
Therefore, *I* personally do not technically own four horses.
It only looks like I do.


  1. Very logical. Your friends are clearly mistaken.

    1. Val, I'm glad to hear that *someone* agrees with my logic.

      Although, I do love the t-shirt. :)

  2. Ha! My husband wants to get me that T-shirt. Unfortunately, I do own four horses. But what are you going to do with your retired friends? And one must have a riding horse. And then there is my son's horse and my boarder, both of whom I love and take responsibility for. Uhmm, that makes six horses. Not to mention the horse I rescued, who lives in a neighbor's pasture. That's seven. Maybe I do need the T-shirt.

    1. Laura, the first step in rehab is admitting you HAVE the horses. Your husband is just trying to provide early intervention ('cause he loves you, after all, and wants what's best for you) by purchasing the t-shirt for you to help you admit to your problem.

      I'm sure my friends are doing the same, but I don't have a problem. Really!

  3. I only have one.

    Of course, I have to keep an eye on the market. I mean, when my guy retires, I'll need another, obv.

    1. SB, I like how you think ahead! But hopefully Cuna has many long years before you need to look for a buddy for him.