Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A day in the life of me, Elias, THE DOG

You might think that a dog like me has a really easy life, but I assure you that I'm actually a hard-working farm dog.

The alarm goes off at 6 a.m., 7 days a week. I have to get Mum out of bed every morning. Sometimes she has a hard time getting up.

We're to the barn by 6:10 or so, to feed the horses. This time of year, there's only a hint of sunrise.

I have to inspect the feedroom for extra snacks while the horses eat breakfast.

 I know I'm not supposed to run in the barn. See? I'm being Very Good.

While the horses are eating, we muck.

Mom's pretty quick, but I'm always at least a little ahead of her.

When we're done, we go in for breakfast. I require mine with a touch of chicken stock, but sometimes there are pieces that don't get any of the good stuff on them. I have to pick those out so Mom knows they aren't any good. 

Most days, Mom goes to "werk" for most of the day. While she's gone, I have to get my beauty sleep. Sometimes she runs a little late and I have to give her a hint to head out the door. This is me going to bed early so she'll leave. 

Of course I also guard the house while she's gone. There are lots of people that walk by every day, and I have to be vigilant!

When Mom gets home from "werk", we have to go check the mail and close the front gate.

Next we have to feed the horses again, and of course muck.

Tonight we also had to go to the feed store in the truck. I LOVE riding in the truck! Mom makes me sit in the back seat, but I have to look over the front seat and keep an eye out for crazy drivers.

It's an exhausting job!

After the horses are taken care of, Mom makes dinner. My job is to watch the floor in case anything jumps off the counter and needs to be eaten. We can't have a dirty floor, after all!

Sometimes Auntie M comes over and tortures me a little bit. I put up with it 'cause she gives good butt scratches.

After dinner, Mom has been watching this show called "Glee". She only watches it when Dad is gone, 'cause Dad doesn't like it. I think the plot line is dumb, but the singing is OK. Also, Mom was eating carrots while watching TV, and I mooched a couple (that's my nose in the picture).

I wonder if what we'd watch if Dad were home and Mom were gone. Maybe something more manly? I've heard that White Fang is good.

 After a long day, I have to wait up until Mom comes to bed. Sometimes she doesn't go to bed on time, but I hang out until she's safely tucked in.

Then I guard the house all night. It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it!


  1. TOO CUTE!!
    Love that little face... and the way he sprawls out on the floor.
    And those EYES! Can't resist them!

    1. Yes... the eyes with the eyebrows are dangerous. He gets a lot of mileage out of begging with those eyes.

  2. Hi Elias,

    Do you blog while your Mom is at werk?

    It is nice that you make sure the floor is clean by picking up dropped food. I keep asking my birds when they are going to grow up so they can vacuum up their dropped feathers, but they always ignore my questions about those things. Enjoy your beauty sleep!

    1. Val, I am not allowed to use the computer without parental supervision, so I only blog when Mom is home.

      Keeping the floor clean is hard work! You never know when something might fall, and I'm not supposed to be in the kitchen while Mom is cooking (something about being in the way?). So I have to wait in the doorway until I see something land, and then wait till she calls me in to vacuum.

      You really should make your birds do more work - they should pretty messy! Mom keeps all the birds here outside. Maybe you should try that?

  3. Elias has a tough job indeed! Looks like he's pretty good at it, though... and what would you do without him? No doubt the place would just fall apart. He's adorable! :)

    1. Yep, the place would probably fall apart. Oh wait, it DID fall apart! But that's another post, one with no cute doggy pics. :(

  4. good lord that's an adorable dog.

    1. He knows it and works that adorableness for all it's worth. Trust me on this.