Thursday, September 13, 2012

In desperate need of a fashion consultant

When I signed up for the LOPE benefit show this weekend, I figured I'd do a couple of classes on each of the Big Bay Boys. I mean, how hard is it to throw together Intro B and C, a tiny hunter round, and a little trail class?

And then today the schedule came out.
10:40  Oberon    In-hand Trail I
12:23  Saga        Intro B
1:12    Oberon    Intro B
2:00    Oberon    Hunter I
2:58    Saga        Intro C
3:38    Oberon    Intro C
4:20    Saga        Hunter II
5:10    Saga        Trail II

So... yeah. I had this fantasy of riding Oberon in dressage, then Saga, then having a leisurely lunch, changing clothes to hunt-appropriate attire, then riding a few tidy hunter rounds (and laughing at Oberon when he stops to eat the fake flowers). Instead, it looks like I'll be wearing my white breeches till 4pm, at which point they should be a sad shade of dirty smudge.

Did I mention it's supposed to rain? Like, ALL DAY? And we all know how awesome white breeches are when wet.

So, what should I wear? First off, the in-hand trail class. Oberon has a brown leather halter, but it's not fancy. I have an exceptionally boring black cotton lead rope. Do I wear my breeches and boots? I can barely walk in my tall boots, and if it's muddy, I really don't want to slog around in them. I don't have any boot-cut jods, but I could wear jeans and paddock boots and a polo shirt. Or maybe a white flowy shirt (bad if it's pouring)? Or... a white long-sleeved shirt and an autumnal plaid wool vest? Halp?

Dressage is easy. Coats are waived, so it's white breeches and a white shirt. Or do I say screw the white breeches and go with tan breeches and a white shirt? Or maybe a different colored polo (I have navy, light blue, and brown, as well as a black dry-fit shirt). I'm using a white saddle pad, and black tack for dressage.

Same for the hunter classes. I have a grey hunt coat (for FOXHUNTING, duh, not hunters) that I could wear, but as I said, coats are waived and I don't want to be out of place. My tack is brown and I have white fuzzy fitted pads. Do I just go with the tan breeches and white shirt? Or go for a different colored polo?

Please, someone help me dress! I need a fashion consultant! Possibly also someone to manage my wardrobe at this rate...


  1. For the in-hand trail class, where some nice fitting jeans with paddock boots with a pretty belt and wear a shirt that compliments the coat color. What I love about bay horses is that about any color looks good with them!

    When I show, I wear some sweat/sleep pants over my breeches while I tack my mount up and then at the last min I take the paddock boots off, slip the outer pants off, then shambam I have clean breeches on and just pull my tall boots up.

    With the dressage, I would wear a light colored polo, if it rains I doubt you want to have white on. And with hunters, maybe have a colorful shirt under the gray jacket but take a polo too, cause you might want one or the other depending on the temperature. I hope I gave you some ideas. I wish I had a fashion consultant too for my everyday wear. lol

    1. Thanks for the ideas! I wear jogging pant over my breeches too, but with so many classes all day long, I doubt I'll be able to keep them very clean. I like the idea of jeans and a nice shirt for in-hand trail! I'll have to see what I have that will look nice with Oberon. Pictures to come!

  2. Love the sweat pants over white breeches tip - lots of good suggestions in the first comment!

    Can't wait to hear all about the show - good luck!

    1. CFS, I agree, S. Lauren had some good tips! BUT - WHO CAME UP WITH WHITE BREECHES?!?!?! That's just crazy when you're around horses. I mean really.

  3. Yikes! You are going to be crazy-busy!