Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blogger Secret Santa - the secret is out!

I always have such a hard time figuring out what to ask for for the blogger Secret Santa. See, in our family, you make a list for Christmas and then everyone decides what to get you from that list. On one hand it's great, because you generally get what you ask for, but I also like surprises. So this year, I gave my poor Secret Santa a list of things Paddy and I like (green, treats) and hoped that some kind person would get creative.

And wow... bloggers sure do have an incredible variety of amazing creative artistic skills! Val and his mom at CFS sent me a beautiful package with two super awesome gifts... one for Paddy and one for me!

Not only that, but it came BEAUTIFULLY wrapped. So pretty I almost hated to unwrap everything. Oh, and Paddy and I had to eat some of the mints for easier unwrapping.

For Paddy - a massager thingy, just like the one Val has! Husband likes it too :)

For me - a GORGEOUS handmade brass cutout of me and Paddy! It's from a picture of our first level debut show. SO pretty and perfect, and I decided to hang it on our tree. LOVE IT!!!

I also couldn't resist hanging some of the decorations from the wrapping on the tree. Too cute!

THANK YOU, CFS, for such a lovely, thoughtful, handmade gift. It perfectly captures us this year. <3 again="" and="" for="" once="" organizing="" p="" thanks="" this="" tracy="">


  1. aw that cutout is so sweet!!! Just love it and you can immediately recognize both of you.

  2. Wow that handmade brass ornament is awesome!!! Definitely creative and beautiful!

  3. Wow what a great gift!!

  4. Great presents! I love the cutout :)

  5. So glad you like it! I really admire that picture of you two and had the most fun making it.
    I actually have a small jewelry business (ground to a halt when I busted my arm last year) and some of my pieces are pierced copper like the ornament. I've waxed it so hopefully will stay shiny.
    I ought to thank you for giving me the inspiration to get back in my studio actually :D

    1. CFS, we LOVE it! It's so perfect, so personal. I couldn't have gotten a nicer gift, THANK YOU!

  6. Handmade and personalized... awesome gift idea, CFS!

  7. Love -- handmade presents are the best & what an awesome skill!

  8. What an awesome gift. I'm deff going to have to remember to check out cfs for awesome unique ornaments for my tree next year.

  9. what a beautiful ornament!!! definitely a keepsake :)

  10. Ooh, that massager looks wonderful!