Monday, February 23, 2015

The cutest houseguest

We've had our favorite adorable houseguest, Ginny, with us for a couple of weeks now. She's a tiny little thing, mostly poof, but she manages to keep Gus in line. Not only does she fearlessly defend her chair/sofa/bed from Gus's questing nose, she will actively chase him if he gets too obnoxious. It's kind of hilarious to watch an 8 pound cat chase a 100 pound Pyr!

For the most part, Ginny is very quiet, and you'd hardly notice she's here. The perfect guest, no? However, she's very demanding at mealtimes, and whenever she decides she requires to be petted.

First, the laptop rub. Yes, I was ordering something from Smartpak.

Next, the arm pat. She'll sit next to you and gently pat you on the arm to get your attention, all while purring quite loudly. It's about the cutest thing ever.

There's also the extremely adorable look, which she does really, really well. 

I mean, THESE TOES. I want to put toe socks on her or something. 

And the extra extra EXTRA long whiskers. So cute!

Of course she has matchink socks behind. Note that these are difficult to photograph since they're always covered by poof.

Alas, Ginny's mom comes back on Wednesday, so she'll go home then. I always threaten to keep her instead of giving her back, since she's such an adorable and sweet kitty. Alas, four cats is too many... maybe I could send back Artemis instead? 


  1. Such a sweet little kitten! My cat does the laptop rub too. Only when I'm doing something actually important like banking and bills. Of course.

    1. Ginny doesn't care how important whatever it is you're doing. She must be petted NOW.

  2. omg those whiskers!!!! that arm pat picture is the cutest!

  3. Maybe I should leave her for blogger weekend so that everyone can meet Her Adorableness? I'm clearly behind on blog-reading. That's what happens when I retreat to a big city in Arizona without internet access to milk goats and feed pigs...

  4. This cat looks almost exactly like mine! Same socks and everything!