Friday, December 8, 2017

Wyvern Oaks Winter Wonderland

It's all over social media, but we actually got pretty significant (for us) snow last night! Nothing is prettier than a fresh covering of snow, so I snapped a few pictures this morning as the sun came up.

Back pasture

Kitty tracks!

My attempt at artsy photography lol

 Malamute in his native habitat

Perfect Pyr weather!


  1. You can keep the snow in Texas, plz&thx 😂

  2. Is this how we know the apocalypse is coming? Because that's what it would feel like if it snowed here! It's so pretty though, love the kitty tracks!

  3. I like the artistic Kitty Toe Prints. Veddy cute!

  4. A fresh snow is so beautiful -- I love how it sticks to the trees <3