Monday, November 30, 2009

More drywall

Today, the hubby took off work to finish up as much as possible while his brother was in town and available to help. They ended up spending the entire day hanging drywall and managed to get nearly all of it done. Yay! A few pictures were taken (although not of the finished product! Men!) but I'll share what I've got.

Had to fill in this gap where the furnace closet is, since we ripped off the drywall to rewire and set in the frame for the new wall. It's really a pain to drywall in these little bits.
The other side of the same wall. We tried to avoid taking off door frames if we could, so you can see the jagged edge of the old drywall on the far left that had to be carefully chipped out with a chisel so that new drywall could be installed.

Supposedly cutting drywall to frame around the door was accompanied by many four-letter words. I think I am glad I missed out on this!

And an exciting furnace picture. This is taken from the attic looking down into the furnace. Notice there's no protective heat shield like there's supposed to be? The hubby installed new framing (i.e. the 2x4s) so that he has something to attach the heat shield to. Pretty sure that's our next project.

This one is my favorite. Remember how I mentioned that the furnace vents to the attic and not to the outside? Well the edge of the vent pipe ends about an inch from the roof, and there's this rusted metal plate just above it, acting as a heat shield. As an extra added bonus, there's water leaking around the plate. We did get a call back from our roofer today about getting a proper vent installed; he said he could do it but we need to find out what the code is for this for our area. Add that to the list of calls to make tomorrow!

Tomorrow we should get the estimate from the plumber for the PEX materials for replumbing the house. Wednesday the folks from TESS (Texas Excavation System Safety) will be coming out and marking where all the pipes are in our yard so that we can get going with a new gas line. I'll also be calling the city to ask about pulling a permit for a new gas line, however that is done. And we're trying to get an electrician out to give an estimate for installing a new panel box and consolidating the others.

Ah, progress!

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