Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mid-week Critter: This week on Wild Kingdom

Warning: Some images may not be appropriate for younger views. Parental discretion is advised. ;)

In today's episode, we see the wild Malamute kill and eviscerate his chosen prey, the Duckus Stuffedus.

First, he attacks!

He holds his prey down to deliver the death bite.

Having ensured it's dead, he begins the evisceration process.

I believe he's searching for the liver pate. It's likely in there somewhere.

As you can see, being a wild Malamute and hunting your own food is exhausting work. The Malamute will now likely nap (not in his bed) for the rest of the day to recuperate from his exertions.

Tune in next week to Wyvern Oaks' Wild Kingdom!

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