Saturday, January 14, 2012

Not actually our planned activity for today...

My parents have come to visit us for the weekend. My dad is uber-handy, and we'd saved up a couple of projects that we wanted some advice on. We'd had a few small things planned but nothing big, although we were going to do some work on the baseboards in the guest house while my parents watched the Saints game.

The hubby went into the guest house to do some final measurements, and when he stepped into the kitchen the floor squirted water at him!?!?!? A little exploration revealed that the water filter under the sink had been leaking for some time. The floor in the guest house isn't level, so the water had leaked all the way under the laminate floor all through the kitchen. Fortunately there's a heavy-duty vinyl moisture barrier under the floor, so the water didn't leak through to the plywood sub-floor. 

Unfortunately, the water was all through the kitchen and we ended up ripping up the entire floor. You can see the wet spots on the vinyl and the towels we used to mop up. There was an incredible amount of water under the floor.

We pulled out all of the flooring, dried it off, then set it outside in the sun to dry a bit more. Fortunately it was sunny and 60 today, so it dried out pretty quickly.

We managed to salvage all of the flooring and put about half of it back in this evening. We put heaters and fans on in the kitchen in hopes that the area under the cabinets, which had the worst damage, will dry out some more overnight. 

We'll finish reinstalling the rest of the floor tomorrow, and then maybe we'll get around to installing the baseboards. :)


  1. Oooooh you poor thing. My sympathies! At least it wasn't the *drainpipe* leaking...

    1. Funder, you're SO right, it could have been much worse (shudder). We must have caught it within a day or two of it starting, which is really amazing since we aren't usually in the guest house and nobody is living there right now. At least we were able to salvage most of the flooring, although some of it may be too warped to put back. We're about to head out and see, so keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Bummer - great that your Dad was around to help out though. Water damage can happen so quickly and so behind the scenes...

    Re the last post - I wanted to compliment your awesome tack room - it is to die for. I know you're enjoying it. (I'm jealous, I'll admit it)

    Also - just noticed that your place is a farmlet...we're a farmette, and similarly sized too. ;)

    1. CFS, very glad my dad was here too! I think your dad and my dad might be two peas in a pod...

      And thanks for the compliment on the tack room! I'm loving it... I hope that one day you'll be able to have one just as nice on your farmette!

  3. So lucky your dad found that and you were able to salvage most of the flooring! It could have been much worse. And, it's good that everyone was there for this particular crisis, unlike some others! :-)