Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter flowers

More wildflower pictures from around the farm. The purple flowers seem to be coming out!

Violet wood sorrel. These flowers curl up at night, then re-emerge the next morning.

Possibly self-heal, but I need to look more closely at the flowers to determine if that's the correct identification. If anyone else knows what these are, please drop me a line.

Rose vervain, I think.

We have exactly two Texas Bluebonnets growing on the property. Unfortunately, I think the horses ate them shortly after I took this picture. [Yes, I know the lupine species, of which bluebonnets are a part of, is toxic to livestock. However, horses are not very susceptible to lupines (sheep are significantly more so), and Texas Bluebonnets are not known to cause problems. So, I figure that the two that were munched shouldn't cause a problem for the boys.]

I hope everyone out there is having a lovely Easter, and I hope you got to enjoy some wildflowers as part of it!

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