Sunday, April 4, 2010

Black and white (but no shades of grey!)

Thursday evening, we had a lovely visit with my father-in-law and crew. They brought their Newfoundland, Timber, along with them, and of course we had to get some pictures of the poofy black dog and the poofy white dog.

Note the person in the background is wearing black pants. Good choice if you're petting Timber. Baaaad choice if you're petting Anie.

A posed family portrait picture. Isn't it funny how Anie glows in pictures? :)

Anie and Timber got along well enough, although Anie was sure to mark after Timber peed anywhere. Timber also tried to go through the window after one of the cats, who was sitting on the windowsill inside. As he bounced off the window glass, Anie went after him to remind him that he's not to touch anything on HER property. She's really very protective of everything here, which is just so wonderful. We're lucky to have her as a member of the family!

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