Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I think his (garden) tractor's sexy

If you missed the reference to this entry's title, please refer to this song. :)

Since the horses finished eating down the grass in the east front pasture this past week, the husband got out his garden tractor and used it to mow down the weeds and grass stems that the horses left. Normally mowing the yard isn't blog worthy, but hey, it's the first time he's done this, and our tractor goes about 20 miles an hour.

No, I'm not kidding, our tractor goes fast. You try driving your car around your yard at that speed and you'll see why this might be a little more exciting than your average lawn-mow-a-thon. It involved weaving trees, dodging stumps, ducking under branches, and avoiding chickens (who were THRILLED at all the bugs that showed up after mowing) at speed. I realized how fast the hubby was going when I noticed that his hair was being blown back as he mowed, so of course I took a break from cleaning the car and got out the camera.

This photo sequence was taken over about 10 seconds.

Nice avoidance of the tree (he did hit the front fence though).

Notice the bit of shrub he's got stuck to the mowing deck. Apparently one must take spoils when one is mowing high brush.

Zooming down the edge of the driveway.

This one is my favorite. I call it "Primal Scream Mowing." I'm formulating a theory about men taking out their aggressions by mowing lawns at speed. I'll let you know the results as they come in. :)

At least the east front lawn is mown. The horses will be starting in on the back once the ground dries a bit from the recent rain, and then we'll use the mower again to clean up what they don't get. Seems like a reasonable process - the boys mow first, then the hubby comes back for the clean-up. Not a bad deal!

P.S. This is probably a bad time to point out to the hubby that they actually have - and I am not making this up - lawn mower races. There is actually a U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association. They call it a "grass roots" motor sport (and you thought that "poultry in motion" was a bad pun!). And for your viewing entertainment, there are videos on YouTube. Seriously, people do this for fun.

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