Sunday, August 8, 2010

Adorable Labrador

More news on Reba!

Last weekend, Reba started Team Training at CCI. Thursday, I got a call from the head of the puppy-raisers program to let me know that Reba had been "pre-matched" with a lady from the Hollywood area. This means that Reba will spend the weekend with her, and hopefully, if all goes well, they will graduate as a team next weekend!!!

Now, Reba could do something inappropriate for the graduate to handle and the whole thing could be called off at the last minute, but apparently, it looks pretty good. Reba's weekend mom and I are getting together today to put together a puppy photo album to give to Reba's new mom. It will have most of the pictures I've already shown, but hopefully after next weekend, I'll have some of Reba graduating to share!

In the meantime, WritingWeb found this short video of Reba trying to cram three - count them three - squishy balls in her mouth at once during a play session at work last spring. I just love how she pounces on the balls and the ears flop about. Too cute!

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