Wednesday, August 4, 2010

By request - mid-week kitteh

Last week on Mid-Week Kitteh, Writingweb suggested that, due to her propensity to sleep upside-down, Freya needing a good smooshing. After inquiring as to exactly what a smooshing entailed, I give you the following, by request:

Alas, I could not rub my face in her tummy, as suggested, and video at the same time, due to the nature of the smooshing. However, I do hope this will suffice.

WARNING: One should only try this with smooshable cats, else one might withdraw a bloody stump when the non-smooshable cat objects to smooshing.


  1. We have a lot of that at our house, only it's called "boodling." Occasionally it's a trap.

  2. Thanks for posting the shmoosh, and that's an excellent safety tip!