Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goin' solar, baby!

Now that we have a new roof, we were able to have the solar panel for the water heater installed. The guys came out on Saturday and put it up in a couple of hours.

The panel is on the front of the house, where it gets maximum sunlight and is closest to the water heater tank. For anyone who wonders what solar will look like on top of there house, here you go. I personally don't think it looks all that bad.

This single panel should provide us with all the hot water we can use, March - November, without using any energy from the grid.

The guys will hopefully come back on Wednesday to actually finish hooking up the system, but they have to do so early in the morning. With daytime temperatures reaching 102 here, it can easily be 150 degrees in the attic in the afternoon, which makes for dangerous working conditions. But... hopefully by Wednesday, we'll be all hooked up!

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