Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is it really that hard?

You may recall a few weeks ago when I posted about replacing the window in our family room with a French door. The plan was to do tear-down on a Wednesday, then have the special-order door (that swings out instead of in) arrive late Wednesday afternoon, then have it installed on Thursday.

Well, we got as far as the tear-down. The special order door that swings out? They sent us the regular one that swings in. In fact, Home Depot has FIVE other doors that swing in, exactly like the one they sent us. Grrr.

So, we re-ordered. Did I mention that it takes a week for the order to arrive? That's right, big orders like French doors only come in on Wednesday afternoons. They sent us a new door the following week, but this time it was the wrong size. After complaining loudly to the manager, and having our contractor complain loudly as well, we re-ordered. Again. Last week, the door didn't even come in. That's right, some eedjiot didn't manage to press the "order" button on the computer after taking our order (again) and charging us for it. Seriously? They offered to order it for us yet another time, and this time they weren't even apologetic about it. Not even an "I'm sorry, we screwed up." They promised to call us back on Thursday morning first thing after checking to see if they could get it shipped specially (which they didn't) - and so we took our business to Lowe's.

The door arrived this afternoon (Tuesday) as promised... but the damn thing swings in! Is it REALLY THAT HARD to get an order right? I have a huge hole in my family room that's been there for almost a month, because people can't get this stupid order straight!


Our contractor, who is a great guy, is trying to track down another door. Hopefully we'll find something soon. Like, before it gets cold and rainy maybe?

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  1. Have you tried dealing directly with a door manufacturer, like BMC Millworks? (They are right down the street from us.) They might be more expensive, but you would probably get the right door.