Sunday, November 21, 2010

Painting the workshop

We've finally managed to get around to painting the exterior of the workshop.

Working on priming.

Priming complete.

Both the hubby and I are horrible at picking out paint colors. Since the entire exterior of the house needs to be scraped and painted, we decided to get some professional help to choose colors. Enter our friend D.A., who helped us choose a nice tan for the base color and a very dark green (almost black) for the trim. Thank you, D.A.!

The great thing about the tan is that it doesn't make the brick look too pink.

And it even mostly goes with the limestone we have, too!

We're hoping to paint the trim this weekend (in between rainstorms), so I'll post pictures of the finished product!


  1. Cute color!

    Please send DA to Reno to help us with the front room colors. I will offer cookies in payment!

  2. NO! You can't have her! I need her too much here!

    However, I'll put you two in touch and maybe you can get some advice from afar...

  3. And heaven forbid that anything should look remotely pink, right!
    I'll have to meet DA. You've said the same thing about both of us:)

  4. Very nice, I could use a painter or two hear. Been trying to get my barns and house all painted for years.