Friday, November 5, 2010

Reverse trick-or-treating

Ok, I know this post is late... we've been busy.

On Halloween, the hubby and I bought the usual candy (chocolate) for any trick-or-treaters that showed up at the house. However, there aren't really any kids on our street of that age, and the majority of the houses have driveways with gates on them, making houses rather uninviting. Since we were skeptical that we would get anyone coming to our house, we decided to go reverse trick-or-treating instead!

When you go reverse trick-or-treating, you have to bring treats to others. So we packed up a basket of candy and a basket of eggs (some of my neighbors LOVE it when I bring by our fresh eggs), as well as a backpack full of beer and scotch. We even packed some carrots for the neighbors with horses and donkeys!

Our first stop was our immediate neighbors to the west. They were out back enjoying their new fire pit and invited us to stay and chat for a while. The hubby shared scotch all around, and we snacked on chocolates while they picked out eggs. We also admired their fire pit (we're hoping to build one soon) and discussed the possibility of using Red to plow a garden. Our neighbor agreed to sharpen the plow if we could find one, and I said I'd look for my harness to see if it fits Red. Who knows? He could have another bit of job experience to add to his resume before too much longer. :)

The next few neighbors we stopped by weren't home, and the neighbor with the appaloosa had a padlock on their gate. Pity, because we were looking forward to saying hi. However, another horse-owning neighbor down at the very end of the street was home, so we sat on their patio and enjoyed a beer and some additional chocolates with them. We talked politics a bit, discussed the new farmer's market they're starting up north of Austin, and watched the fireflies outside.

Both neighbors that we visited with said that we were the first trick-or-treaters they'd ever had, and they've both been living on this street for more than 25 years. We had such a great time visiting and sharing that I think we're going to have to make this an annual thing - only next year, we're going to get an earlier start, and hopefully a few more neighbors will be home!

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