Saturday, April 9, 2011


Reddums is grounded.

We came home tonight to find Reddums in the carport, snacking on Anie's dog food. He had apparently taken advantage of a gate that had blown open after the latch had failed (eeek!) and gone on walkabout. Of course he took Saga with him, but Saga only watched the pilfering and did not actively engage in pulling the lid off the dog food bin and availing himself of the snacks within.

Bad, bad Reddums!

I don't think he got very much at all, and he doesn't seem any worse for his late-night snack. We'll check on him hourly for the next little bit though, just in case.

The fact that he actually ate dog food is, well, kinda scary. Does that mean that Anie's dog food has a really high grain content? Or, is it just that Red is actually a carnivore? Funder's giving it even odds.


  1. Bad Reddums!!! Glad he's ok.

  2. Carrots. Carrots are the exception to the "If food is meant for X, all other creatures will want it more" rule. I buy carrots for Dixie and, strangely, she is the only creature who wants to eat them!

  3. Yikes, watch he doesn't grow long sharp pointy teeth :-0