Saturday, April 30, 2011


First off, thanks to everyone who asked about Taran. He's doing great - no heat, swelling, or anything at all. He spent two days in his stall, then has been on "light" turnout with Cash in the run-in part of the barn. Today is the first day they get to go out in a small paddock - he's wrapped and hopefully the 6 piles of hay I left out will encourage them to do nothing more than wander around snacking leisurely. However I'm watching them from the window just to be sure nobody gets any ideas of having a running, bucking, and leaping party.

This week has been totally crazy - there's an international joust in town that my hubby is riding in, and we've had practices all week. If you're in central Texas and want to come see something really cool, my hubby will be riding today (Saturday) at 1 and 3:30, and again tomorrow (Sunday) at 1 and 3:30. This is jousting for points with soft, frangible balsa lances - nobody is trying to unhorse anyone. Reddums is quite a star at this sort of thing, even if he is out competing against some big drafties. He's a midget meanie, so he usually manages to cow them.

The joust is being held at Lysts on the Lake, right near 360 and 2222. The property is beautiful, the jousting is really fun to watch, and if you come find me I'll help you get dressed in some actual jousting armor.

Come join us!


  1. Aaaaaaaahhhh so jealous! Here I am getting snowed* on and you're JOUSTING!

    *ok it's not snowing today but it did snow like 1/4" last night and that's just not fair

  2. I wish we had cool stuff like that here... sounds like it would be a blast to participate and watch!