Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid-week critter

Actually it's more of a proto-critter*.

One of our hens occasionally lays a mini-egg.

And by mini, I mean like the size of a quarter.

No, she's not a banty, so I have no idea why they occasionally come out this tiny. And I also have no idea which of the 16 hens is laying these, except that it's not the Americauna, who lays green eggs.

Compared to a "regular" sized egg - it would take a lot of these to make a cake!

They do, however, cook up into the cutest little fried egglet you've ever seen.

* Ok, so it's not really a proto-critter either - we don't have a rooster so our eggs aren't even fertilized. Work with me here.


  1. That's bizarre! I've never seen such a thing... I wonder why it comes out so small. Is the yolk inside also mini?

  2. In2paints, yes, it does have a mini yolk! It's just like a normal egg but tiny!

  3. Is the flavor more intense? Same amount of taste, less egg to spread it through?

  4. Dom, no, it tastes just like a normal egg... only smaller!