Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mid-week critter

Most of the time, Elias and Freya studiously ignore each other. Freya gives him a wide berth, and Elias is careful not to look Freya in the eye. But occasionally, they have reason to agree on something... like sharing the blanket.

Truce... but I stay on my half and you stay on your half!

Do y'all have cats and dogs together in the house? If so, how do they get along?


  1. I have two dogs and two cats in the house. One cat terrorizes the dogs. The other cat hides. But the one that terrorizes them has moments when she sleeps with them too. Who knows what that's all about. LOL

  2. I only have a one kitty household now, but she used to hang with my sweet Annie who is no longer with us. They actually got along really well, but I'm not sure my kitty would go for a new addition now. She's a bit cantankerous these days.

  3. Five cats; two dogs. They all get along fine for the most part. The youngest cat, Ruby, likes the dogs and rubs up against them, inviting them to sniff ... well, you know. The largest cat (and only male) acts terrified of the dogs, which is silly because they're more cautious of him than the other way around! Generally the cats ignore the dogs; Fiona (the boxer) chases if she sees a cat dash off.