Saturday, June 25, 2011

Back to really, really good again

MC came over for a nice early-morning ride. We seem to be making a weekend habit of this, which I have to say is really nice! I took Taran out and she took Reddums, as usual.

Taran apparently forgot all about our little bucking/hopping session last weekend and was very nice today. His trot work continues to improve, and his canter, while not spectacular, is coming along.

Going nicely on the left rein. He's harder to bend this way and has trouble taking contact on the right rein; he's also less responsive to the left leg.

A nice, balanced change of directions (ye gods someone please fix my left leg).

Right rein trot. I don't like where he's breaking in his neck, but we're working on that.

A bit of trot on a longer rein, encouraging him to stretch down and out.

Admittedly, most of our canter looked like this.

But we did manage to get it together here and there, and some of our canter looked like this. I'll take it!


  1. Y'know, just thought I should mention that MOST of your canter did NOT look like that. In the transitions, he wasn't perfect, but he did a lot more nice work. I know. I was watching:)

  2. Haha, the pictures said most of the canter DID look like that, and certainly it felt like it too! That's OK though, it's 100% better than last week so any progress is good!

  3. Taran's so cute. :3 Glad he was trying to be a good pony! Where were yall riding?

  4. that's my banana-giraffe horse! wait, i probably shouldn't sound proud of him looking like that. i blame it on missing him. he's such a cute little gray pony. :) !!
    I really appreciate the work auntie-Jen is putting into him. i'm very much looking forward to reaping the rewards! :D