Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mid-week (doggy) critter

Elias was recently gifted with a Very Large Bone*.

It's so big that he has a hard time carrying it around. He occasionally misjudges the width of himself + bone and smacks it into doorframes or kneecaps.

Elias likes to keep his bone as close as possible, so nobody steals it. He also likes to taunt family members that He Has A Bone And You Don't.

P.S. Elias thinks he's a 60-lb lapdog. Which is to say, his butt fits in your lap. Sort of.

* Yes, it's a rawhide bone. No, he doesn't get to eat it as rawhide makes him sick. He just likes to carry it around and show it off - it'll be months before he takes a nibble, and then we usually donate it to our neighbor who has a Labrador that love rawhide.


  1. LOL! My old lab had a Very Large Bone for Christmas one year. He made a valiant effort and ate half of it in about 6 months before he got bored and it started gathering dust.

  2. That is some VLB! I was always afraid to give anything that big to my dogs. Dubhlinn used to demolish a small (6") rawhide in about 20 minutes. She could manage an 8" in around 24 minutes, and a 10" took her 29.5 minutes. When I started to think about all that soggy rawhide in her gut (at that speed you have to be swallowing pieces), I stopped giving them to her!

  3. It is a very large bone indeed that makes Elias look small!